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Dan and family on holiday in May 2022Welcome to my website!

I am a full-time Software Developer, and have worked at Victoria Forms since April 2016.

As a former Assistant Director of Music at St Edmundsbury and Rochester Cathedrals, I enjoy working with various choirs in my free time, including as organist for The Lynwood Singers and as director of Sanderstead Singers.

If you’d like to read about my transition from Cathedral Music to IT, just put /faqs in the address bar, after the domain.

This website contains a Music and an IT section to help categorise the things I want to say. None of it is of any worth, but I put it all here just in case you are interested. More recently, I have added a Blog (for my random long-form thoughts) and a section on my project to visit Stations.

I’ll try and keep this site up to date. Please let me know if I have failed.

Dan Soper
August 2022

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