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Hymns that people get wrong

Some hymns will be forever ruined for me because I know most of the congregation will sing them incorrectly. To try and calm down that anger inside me, I’m displaying a list of errors here. Feel free to contribute by pointing me in the direction of errors that annoy you. This will be a work in progress for quite a long time, as I’ll add them when I think of them. In a few cases, the “wrong” version may be found in some versions of hymn books, but I’m an NEH man.


Glorious things of thee are spoken (Abbot’s Leigh) (thanks to SF)

None but Sion's **Chil**-dren know.

I danced in the morning (thanks to MA)

I am **the** Lord of the dance

O come, all ye faithful

Born the King of **a**-ngels

Thine be the glory

Thou **o'er** death hast won.