Ordinary Time (August) Dan Soper Dan Soper

somecodeFor several years I wondered if I should follow a career in some form of IT; for one year I tried it on top of a part-time music career, but I decided to return to full-time Cathedral Music. After 10 years as a Cathedral musician, I decided that my long-term future was not there, and so I moved into the full-time Developer role at Victoria Forms. I still have several home hobby projects, and these are what are listed here.

When I was at primary school, I was the boy who went into the classroom early to start the computer up.  Since then I've always had an amateur interest in computers and technology.  Whilst in sixth form I made my first websites, which weren't terribly clever or good.  At university I discovered PHP, and jumped into a massive project—Chelmsford Cathedral's diary system.  I've enjoyed creating web programs that make life easier and more efficient, and am most proud of the Choir Admin system currently used at Rochester Cathedral.  As an Apple admirer for years, I'm proud to be the part-owner of an iMac, two iPads, and an owner of 4 iPhones and a MacBook Air.  A natural step from this was to create a simple iOS app, Tap Metronome.  Over the years I've picked up a few websites and projects, and you can read more about them on this website.