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Tap Metronome

Tap Metronome Plus

AppIcon76x762xTap Metronome is a simple metronome for those who want quick access to a reliable metronome.


  • Three ways to choose tempo: tap the speed you want, select from the picker list or type the number (access by tapping on the white tempo on the iPhone).
  • Loud beeps: Volume as loud as possible to be audible above music. Visible volume control so you can increase it further.
  • Choose the number of beats in the bar (from 1 to 7).
  • Visible beat indicator.
  • Rotate the view for a Landscape version, so you can put the device on a music stand without covering the speaker.
  • Accurate: many of the free metronomes in the App Store are not accurate because they are based on old sample code, and over a number of seconds they get a beat out. This metronome is one of the few which is accurate for hours.
  • Add the Metronome as a Today View extension.
  • On Apple Watch: a simple independent metronome which quietly taps you on the beat.  In addition, a Glance, and multiple Complications, allow you to see your current tempo and quickly access the metronome app through them.
  • Use 3D Touch Quick Actions to start the metronome at multiple tempos directly from the Home Screen icon.

For Tap Metronome Plus:

  • No ads.
  • Choice of Beep, Drum, Clap and Metronome sounds, as well as pitched beeps to match your music.
  • Flash mode, which flashes the entire screen for each beat.

Tap Metronome (free): iTunes store.

Tap Metronome Plus (69p): iTunes store.

The metronome should just work, but if you have any queries, please contact me.

Will there be Tap Metronome for any system other than iOS?
Probably not!


Simulator Screen Shot 2 Feb 2016 22.08.27 Simulator Screen Shot 2 Feb 2016 22.08.33 Simulator Screen Shot 2 Feb 2016 21.56.12 Simulator Screen Shot 9 Mar 2016 21.39.45