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Choir Admin

The choir admin system was written for Rochester Cathedral Music Department and is still heavily used there. It was also ported for use at Dartford Parish Church. It is used to track absences for the Voluntary Choir and Choral Scholars, and track availability for the Deputy Lay Clerks. Deputy Lay Clerks are booked each half term; they get an email with the list of services, and they then confirm their bookings. The system also tracks the fees they get paid for each service, and provides a list to the finance office so that they process the right amounts. It shows the singers a breakdown of their pay and it assists the music staff in tracking the Lay Clerks' budget. It has a "Slot booking" system, which allows members to choose (re)audition slots. There's also an iPhone web-app version. It is a flexible system which allows members to be in multiple choirs, and people can be given access to just the sections of the system they need.

I have a long-term plan to sell this system to more Cathedral and church choirs, as it's clearly something that could be useful elsewhere. The problem is likely to be that each organisation will have a slightly different need. But eventually I'd like to have made it flexible enough to work for all situations. If you'd like to discuss the possibility of trying it out, please contact me.

The first "Choir Admin" site I built was a very minor one for Croydon Parish Church 2000. Whilst at Cambridge (2002-5) I built a program so that choir members could sign up for free meals (see below) and this was the basis of the code when I started on Rochester's system in 2008.

editing-schedule giving-availability viewing-availability making-bookings accepting-bookings viewing-bookings viewing-payments view-budgets

Cathedral Diary

I built Chelmsford Cathedral's original diary system in 2003. It was a simple PHP program, which booking forms for Cathedral and Cathedral Centre bookings, with the ability to create invoices and information sheets for the events. After 15 years, the code was ready to be rebuilt, and this was completed in 2018 using Laravel, with an Angular front end.  In due course, I may look to expand to more Cathedrals. Please contact me if you would be interested in hearing about this.


You will have noticed that http://www.pointedpsalms.co.uk wasn't listed on my websites page.  That's because it's more of a project than just a website.  It has sadly never been finished to a suitable standard so it's just sitting there being used by about 5 people.  It asks you a few questions about the psalm you want to create, what sort of preferences you have about pointing, gives you a large database of changes to choose from (and the ability to add more) then it creates a word document with the psalm/chant/pointing.  I was going to rebuild it into a PC program (rather than a web program), but there were so many directions I could go that I never got very far.  I hope to one day inject some life into the web program and make it available to more people.